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About John Ramsey's Alignment Service (2017)

Ramseys Automotive

Ramsey's Automotive Was Owned by John's Father (1946)

Growing up the son of Milton Ramsey aka (Bubba). A well known technician and owner to be of Ramsey's Automotive service. Bubba started his career at the age of 19 as a technician of a local shop and later working at the Banana River naval Base as an airplane technician and then Foreman of the shop. Later he worked for a local Dodge Dealership and a Merritt Island Oldsmobile Dealership, where he was the first technician to be sent to automatic transmission school. Next Bubba took the steps necessary to start his own business, which he would later name Ramsey's Automotive Service.

Bear Alignment

The first independent shop to have an alignment department using a machine made by BEAR ALIGNMENT that would do high-speed tire balancing at a time when most cars were driven at less than 50 MPH. The Ramsey boys showed everyone, even the local police what a well balanced set of tires would do for the performance of their 1946 cars. All this gave John an early view of the value of a front-end technician and how alignment specifications affected automotive performance.

Growing Up

Growing up in Ramsey's Automotive Service with the three best teachers in the country, his father and his brothers Jack and Ray, John felt compelled to keep up with the times as well as the technology, which was growing very quickly. John took two years of automotive training in high school, installing his first complete front-end and setting the proper alignment specification as the age of 13. As a senior in high school DCT class he worked part-time for his father to get a leg up on all the other technicians of his era.

Ramsey's Alignment Shop

After finishing school John began work at a local shop where he was always looking for new ways to improve the the alignment process. John went to the BEAR frame, alignment and balancing school in 1963, where he graduated with honors. After finishing school and working in several local automotive shops John was well on his way to starting his own alignment shop. All of that is history and now, 50 years later John has solved thousands of front-end problems on every type of vehicle you can imagine, from Model A's to tractor trailers.

Over 50 years of training, dedication and excellence is what places John Ramsey's Alignment Service a step above other local shops and dealerships.